Day 8: Bohemian+ industrial= Merci

by Sara

How can we create a 1500 square meter space that is once industrial yet filled with coziness? Merci, a concept store located in the Marais, managed to overcome the impossible. Its a warehouse, a coffee shop, a restaurant with a view to an urban jungle, a furniture fair, a vintage paradise. Bohemian with its small-scale french jewelry designers, vintage dresses, fine cashmere shawls, rugged with the concrete floor, wooden storage wracks, light bulbs that simply hang off wires. Installations change periodically, lemon cake stays always the same. So I hear.

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003, Paris

Opening hours: 10:00- 19:00, except for Sunday

The photos are taken from the Cadran Hotel blog; The Beat That My Heart Skipped; Designboom.