Day 109: Extreme out, simple in: the protein powder

by Sara

Ok. We get it. Protein powder= masculine power. But what if you just want to get a nice-fruity-protein shake before or after your work out, and not feel awkward at your health store?

Designed by Alex Cabunoc, United States.
Product Design Student of Art Center College of Design.

“The instructor assigned us this brand to evaluate and then rebrand from logo, to messaging to packaging. Physical models of the main product and product extensions, including at least one liquid product, were required at the end of this 14 week class.

My concept with my MET-Rx rebrand was to attract a more health-conscious and savvy user with clearer packaging that borrows from contemporary and architectural influences. The packaging has a bolder stance as it appears to be “leaning towards” the user. This radically different type of packaging also helps distinguish this product from the myriad of “me too” packaging visible at any fitness store.”