Day 125: Entertain your inner child

by Sara

Weekly findings on Perpetual Kid:

“Attention all bacon lovers!!  We have found your new favorite bacon item.  Our Bacon Lover Lollipop Gift Set has maple, honey and barbeque flavored savory-sweet lollipops!  The sensation you will get from this candy can’t be found anywhere else!  First you will taste the delicious flavor of candy and as you eat it, you’ll be rewarded with little bits of bacon!  Who could ask for a more delicious meat candy?”

“Do you want to instantaneously appear more attractive… worldly… sophisticated?  Perhaps you need to momentarily class up a friend?  Maybe a neighbor’s baby?  We have the solution for you! Fingerstache is a set of mustache-shaped temporary tattoos for your fingers that gives the moxie of the mustache to the masses!  With 19 unique styles to choose from, the Fingerstache lets you choose the proper adornment for each occasion and is easily removed when no longer needed. Pick your stache to fit your particular mood of the day.  Popular styles include The Carnie, The Villain, The 8th Grade Bully, or the Rich Uncle. Any time is a good time to unleash your inner detective or old west bandit with the Fingerstache!”

“Keep that new ‘do safe while you lather up in the shower with our Cupcake Shower Cap.  Did we mention that there’s a cherry on top?  Yeah, there’s a cherry on top!  The Cupcake Shower Cap features elastic sides to keep it nice and snug on your head and looks like a yummy-yum-yum cupcake with pink frosting and white icing!  Great for children and young at heart. Perfect for keeping hair dry in the bath, shower, hot tub, swimming pool, ocean… lol, now we’re just being silly!”

“What’s a better idea… Looking awesome and being safe OR Looking regular and putting yourself in danger? We choose the former, which is why we have a bright idea that will help all of the bicycle riders! It’s our SpokeLit Color Changing Wheel Light! When you add these LED lights to you bike spokes, people will see you in a new light! We really care about your safety and riding a bike at night can be dangerous without a light! With our flashy, color cycle changing light, cars will be able to see you glowing! All you have to do is press it to turn it on before you start cycling! Visibility is key when riding so we highly recommend this!”

“Sometimes… don’t you just want to wave a magic wand over your meatloaf and turn it from meh to marvelous?  Maybe all it needs is a shake of salt and a wave of pepper!  Now you can use our Salt + Magic Shakers to sprinkle goodness all over your food like a magician!”

“For obsessive chopping + dicing!  If you are one of those folks for whom things must be “just so”, then this cutting board is for you! Our Obsessive Chef Cutting Board, a 9″ x 12″ cutting board made of strong, long-wearing beechwood, spells out the most precise measurements in exacting detail. So, don’t worry…it’s OK to go a little overboard. And if you want to wash it twenty times after you use it, we won’t tell.”