Day 138: Paris: Balenciaga and Comme de Garcons at Les Docks

by Sara

Cristóbal Balenciaga: Collectionneur de Modes

“Balenciaga himself assembled the more than 65 items on display in “Cristóbal Balenciaga: Collectionneur de Modes”—the earliest dating from the 17th-century—that both inspired the Spanish master’s work and best expressed his genius; including sketches, embroideries and fabrics, accessories, jewels, and iconic examples of the designer’s haute couture. Rendered with deceptive simplicity, Balenciaga’s exquisite garments are considered among the pinnacles of 20th-century fashion design. The collection on view was donated to the museum in 1979, seven years after Balenciaga’s death, and is displayed in its entirety for the first time.”

Details: On view at Cite de la Mode et du Design, through October 28

Comme des Garçons White Drama

“In contrast to the Balenciaga show’s dominant black, “Comme des Garçons White Drama,” featuring fashions from the Comme des Garçon Spring 2012 collection, displays the unconventional brilliance of the Japanese designer’s vision all in pristine white. Evoking the ceremonial passage through life—birth, marriage, death, transcendence—these iconoclastic creations evoke many moods and extremes: the fragility of cascading blossoms and lace, the refined interiority of a silk cocoon, the muted violence of the straightjacket. Displayed in transparent bubbles, this resplendent show was curated and installed by Kawakubo herself.”

Details: On view at Cite de la Mode et du Design, through October 28