Day 142: Keret House: art installation of the year, narrowest house of the history

by Sara

“The Keret House is an art installation in the form of an insert between two existing buildings, representing different historical periods in Warsaw’s history.

Keret House is planned to be located on a plot ­measuring 92 centimeters in its narrowest point and 152 centimeters in its widest point. The House will be a fully functional space in which one can live as well as create. The Keret House will most certainly be of advantage to the local community and to the district of Wola. It will stimulate the district’s art scene (also through its synergy with the nearby Chłodna 25 coffee house). Intellectuals invited by Etgar Keret will visit the space frequently; not to mention that for the international media the project may become a symbol of the new, contemporary Warsaw – a city open to non-standard art forms and ideas.

The space within the house will be used by Etgar Keret himself as well as by his guests – many of whom are outstanding representatives of the intellectual elite, artists and thinkers.”

(Keret House)