Day 153: One thousand means of escape

by Sara

“Berlin-based artist S. Astrid Bin experiments with every imaginable type of discipline, including two dimensional drawings and photographs, three dimensional sculptures and public art, and four dimensional performances. With a vision for all things creative, the artist tackled this collection of installations entitled One Thousand Means of Escape. The project entailed paper airplane sculptures, hung within a specific site, and purposefully placed to work well within the architectural space.

Suspended from the ceiling, the swarm of one thousand folded airplanes takes on a life of its own as the sedentary objects become alive with motion. Every aircraft is pointed in the same direction, and the optical illusion of escape becomes a dominant force as the sea of planes attempt to liberate from their surroundings.

The artist says, “I think that a paper airplane is this real tool of imagination and I still love throwing them and imagining that they fly away somewhere else. I guess it can be said that a lot of what I do is about escape.””