Day 174: An afternoon with…

by Sara

“This is a project about people. It is a project about our space and the things we keep and the things we don’t throw away. It is a project about looking for and finding connections we all have. It is about seeing yourself in these spaces.  Every picture is a portrait of the owner –  be it a room, an object or a view. Every portrait in the end becomes a self-portrait. So in the end this is a project about me.”

(An afternoon with…)

“Mikael Kennedy is an artist. Portraits taken in his home in Brooklyn.”

“Travis Quinn is the head of art production at BBH NY. Steven Brinlee is a creative director at AR New York. Portraits taken at their apartment in Manhattan. ”

“Belinda Becker is an actor, dancer, DJ and devoted mother. Portraits taken at her home in Brooklyn.”