Day 183: Alain Delorme’s Totems

by Sara

“There are times when carrying any more than four bags back from a supermarket can induce an undeserved hulk-like feeling of strength. It’s normally better to skip over to the car, trolley partially full, and wedge all that milk and honey into the boot. Spare a thought then for the subjects of Alain Delorme’s photography project Totems.

Alain’s fascination was sparked by the disparity of images we associate with China’s rapid urban development, such as the bustling streets and masses of people as opposed to the reality of the unnoticed individuals making up that mass. Of particular interest to Alain were the porters struggling with cargo loads, truly deserving of the aforementioned hulk-like status. As the porters ferry their uniformed goods here and there Alain captures their individuality, recording their extraordinary tasks with humour. You won’t be able to suppress a profound feeling of awe.

So, next time you hit the shops, remember to pack your bike as high as you can. It’s just a question of how much Marmite you really need.”

(It’s nice that)