Day 215: Bravo Studio Small, bravo!

by Sara

“I’m not even going to mention what time of year it is, but needless to say I think we’ve all been bludgeoned over the head with blunt advertising objects for far too long this month. One such object that usually bores to the point of unconsciousness, slamming the senses with its mediocrisy is the trusty old brochure. Well, Studio Small weren’t drinking any of that beige juice while mixing together their exciting blend of art direction for Alfred Dunhill’s 2012 gift brochure.

While focussing on the products, and thereby succeeding in doing what a brochure should do, Studio Small have used imagination and creative flair to present them in some rather original ways. What’s also notable is the use of white space – a far cry away from other brochures that follow the ‘stack ’em high, cram ’em in’ kind of design principles. Bravo Studio Small, bravo!”