Day 108: Fashion hanger for your likes

by Sara

“As Brazil continues its gradual move from Google’s Orkut to Facebook, the country’s love affair with the leading social network has given rise to all manner of interesting local tie-ins. The latest is fashion-oriented and offers a new vision of using social media to shop.

Fashion Likes is a promotion created by Brazil’s C&S that allows Facebook users to Like certain designs online and have those accumulated Likes show up in real-time at the company’s store in Sao Paulo. We’ve seen smart hangers before that work using RFID to enhance the shopping experience, but in this case there’s no explanation of how the technology actually works.

Nevertheless, this is a breakthrough idea that could revitalize certain stores looking for more consumer engagement and a hint at where fashion trends are moving. You can see a short description of how the system works in the video (in Portuguese) below.”

(Fashion and Mash)